5 Signs you may be headed for a roof replacement.

Replacing your roof is going to cost a lot more than if you’ve maintained regular inspections that’ll catch any problems that could become major issues further down the road.

Any roof repair company worth their salt will tell you that checking your roof at least twice a year is going to keep it in good condition for years to come.

You’ll save a lot of money in the long run if you find damages early enough to call in a good roof repair company.  It’s certainly going to cost a lot less than a full roof replacement will!

5 Signs that could lead to roof replacement:

Water damage:

If you’ve started noticing damp patches in certain areas of your home you may think that it’s caused by penetrating damp, but this isn’t necessarily true.

The same applies to mildew and watermarks, which are often put down as water entering through cracks in window frames, but both of these can be ascribed to leaks that have already started up in your roof.

Damp patches, watermarks and mould are the first sign that you need to call in a professional to inspect your roof so that you can avoid replacing the roof by repairing what can be saved.

Mould & moss:

Moss and mould growing on your roof will eventually lead to gaps in tiles, giving water a free passage into the roof.

The growth of bacteria and fungi caused by mildew and moss is generally a wake-up call to do something to avoid further water damage.  Should you ignore this, you’d be looking at roof replacement, when a simple repair job would have avoided this.

Loose tiles:

The tiles on your roof are battered by wind and rain every year, which makes it well worth checking your roof tiles at least once a year. Missing or loose tiles could well lead to the danger of the roof caving in, making it an essential part of avoiding replacing the roof.

You don’t have to be an expert to check the state of the tiles on your roof, you’ll be able to assess their condition by taking a walk on the roof to test the tiles and check for any cracks.


If your roof isn’t following a straight line along the ridge, you’re heading for structural damage that could lead to the collapse of the roof. Heavy winter rains in the Cape combined with poor quality installations and roofing materials all work together to place extreme weight on your roof.

Call in an expert if you feel that the roof doesn’t look quite right, getting ahead of any risk to life and property.

The age issue:

You can be sure that if you have a roof that’s heading past its 30th birthday, it’s time to consider replacement.

In general, you can look forward to a lifespan of between 20 to 30 years for your roof, provided you’ve kept it well maintained and had necessary repairs done before they become serious issues.

Expecting a roof to last this long without a lot of TLC is definitely going to do your wallet a disservice!

Damaged flashings, cracked and falling mortar as well as blocked gutters are all issues that also need to be addressed if you’re to avoid having to replace your roof long before it should be necessary.

If you need an expert opinion on the condition of your roof, Ross and Son Roofing and Waterproofing Cape Town are able to share the benefit of 15 years’ worth of knowledge with you where it comes to roof repair.

Roof repair and replacement in Cape Town has to be carried out by a specialist due to the extreme weather conditions that wreak havoc on roofs year after year.

Contact Ross and Son Roof Repair Cape Town for more info about how they can assist you in keeping your roof healthy throughout its lifespan.

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