Take a proactive approach to waterproofing in Cape Town.

Heavy winter rain and battering winds make it especially important for Cape Town property owners to invest in good quality waterproofing.

Unfortunately, by the time leaks and stains appear on the interior or exterior of a building it signifies that the damage is likely to be irreversible.

The first and best defence against water penetration caused by a damaged roof is to have a waterproofing expert do an inspection during the dry season, ensuring that by the time the rains come your roof will be fully waterproofed.

Stains on the ceilings and walls are a wake-up call for any property owner. This visible evidence unfortunately means that there’ve been undetected leaks in the roof for quite a while already, and that the damage may be irreversible.

If you have a ceiling that’s sagging you won’t just be facing the costs associated with replacing damaged contents, you’ll also be responsible for serious safety risks to the inhabitants of your property.

Waterproofing is not something a layman can do, there are too many things that can go wrong if you don’t have specialist knowledge.

In fact, your efforts may well compound the issue if small leaks are missed, and small leaks inevitably lead to major issues further down the road.

One of the easy roof maintenance tasks you can do on your own is to keep gutters free of leaves and other debris. This doesn’t require the services of a professional, but it has to be done if you want to avoid the damage penetrating damp can cause.

Of course it’s not just a leaking roof and damaged or blocked gutters that can be the source of penetrating damp. The fact that there are a variety of problems that can cause damp makes it essential to call in an expert who’ll be able to offer the appropriate solution.

Waterproofing your roof means that:

  • Future leaks will be prevented once all existing leaks are sealed.
  • Future maintenance costs will be substantially lower.
  • Your roof will have even greater protection against the elements.
  • The lifecycle of your roof will be extended beyond what’s expected.

The ideal is not to wait until things get so bad that you need to spend a fortune on extensive roof repairs, or even worse, have to replace the roof completely.

Being proactive about what water penetration can do to your roof is the best way to look after it through all seasons, which will minimise your costs drastically.

The fact that Ross and Son is a full-service company has earned them an outstanding reputation among long term customers who rely on this team to carry out:

  • Roof repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Roof replacement
  • Painting

After 15 years in the industry, Ross and Son Waterproofing Cape Town has fine-tuned the ability to provide affordable solutions to residential and commercial property owners determined to save on roof repairs and waterproofing.

Quality workmanship is as much a priority for this team as meeting your budgetary requirements are.

What’s really important too is that Ross and Son will be around for a long time to come once the project is completed, unlike many unscrupulous roofing companies that’ll take your money and run, never to be found again!

Whether you need roof repairs, waterproofing or the replacement of your roof, make sure that Ross and Son is your first port of call.

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