Valley Relining


Valley Re-lining in Plattekloof

If you find brown marks (indicates roof leakage) on the ceiling under a valley, you probably have an issue with the valley Lining ( the diagonal black material between the open tiles )

The best solution for this type of roof repair is to remove the valley lining and replace it with a suitable liner.

Sometimes…actually more than that…I see waterproofing pasted OVER the tiles….This will pretty much make the problem worse.

This type of roof repair is quite comprehensive; the tiles need to be unpacked, the liner replaced and then the tiles repacked back into place.

A word of caution : Valleys are generally found on higher pitched roofs, which makes working on the roof unsafe.

It would be best to find a reputable roofing contractor that can give you a hand with this.

We operate all around Cape Town & up the West Coast to Doringbaai. ( for those of you who know where that is! )






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