Think Roof Waterproofing Isn’t Important? Think Again!

Water is an element no human or animal can live without. But, it’s also an element that, if not contained, can cause tremendous damage to your home and belongings. Few people acknowledge the value of roof waterproofing or they’re simply uneducated. But if you want to keep your property’s foundations solid and water damage to a minimum, it’s the only option.

The consequences of water damage include mould growth. Mould is a microscopic fungus typically found in damp areas. Its primary job is to decompose of dead organic matter. Mould has a musty smell and presents as black, green, brown or grey spores.

Mould growth is dangerous and it isn’t something that you want growing in your house since it can pose a health risk. If you’re fit and healthy you might not be affected by the presence of mould. People who are more sensitive to allergies or have existing health conditions like asthma are more likely to be affected, as well as babies and the elderly. Exposure typically occurs during inhalation of mould spores released when the mould is disturbed. Symptoms of mould exposure include sinus congestion, headaches, rashes, sore throats, coughing and other aches and pains.

Other than health risks, you risk the safety of your family. Water that enters your roof will eventually cause your wooden roof trusses to rot, thus weakening its structure. Roof repairs are expensive, even more so roof replacements.

All this can be avoided with roof waterproofing. Waterproofing is the process of making your roof or structure water-resistant so that it continues to be relatively unaffected by water. Your roof will also be resistant to the intrusion of water under specified conditions.

The team here at Roof Repairs Cape Town offers an extensive range of waterproofing services such as torch on waterproofing, polyurethane, balcony sealing, flashings and parapets, custom box gutters, retaining walls and valleys. For more information or for a free consultation get in touch with the team today!